Saudi Arabia 2020

The city of Al-Khobar hosted the ninth Meeting of the G20 Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) chaired by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as G20 President on 18th and 19th February 2020 with 65 participants from G20 members, guest countries, and international organizations. Key global issues covered by the meeting included sustainable agriculture development in drylands, promoting agricultural productivity and sustainability through a wide range of innovative approaches including cutting-edge technologies, and the Water, Energy and Food (WEF) nexus. MACS members recognized the need to co-create tailor made approaches, adapted to the local needs of farmers, rural communities, value chains and consumers.

Prior to the meeting, a field trip to Al-Hassa Oasis was organized on 17th February 2020. The participants visited: Saudi Irrigation Organization (SIO) to observe irrigation maintenance and management activities; herd and production factory of Nada Dairy Company; and Land of Civilizations (Al-Qara Mountain) one of the most prominent natural tourist attraction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.