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Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists of G20 states (MACS-G20)

Transforming agriculture through research and innovation for providing adequate and nutritious food to all, minimising food waste and loss, boosting digital and precision technology and access to data to the farmers, combating the transboundary pests and diseases, encouraging investment in agricultural research & innovations for sustainably enhancing agricultural productivity while protecting the biodiversity and local food systems in the realm of climate change and diversification in agri-food value chain is essentially required. The challenges are much formidable than ever before. An innovative and collective effort is required to address such formidable challenges. Hence, in 2011 the G20 Member States decided to address the diverse global challenges in agriculture affecting the people and planet through join agricultural research and innovation strategies as well as implementation of initiatives under new cooperation formats.


MACS Communiqués

Shaping a successful cooperation calls for mutual agreements between all partners. Hence MACS-G20 summarizes core results of proceedings in annual communiqués. These statements document taken decisions and form the framework for next joint steps.

MACS Activities

Joint action is essential to put science-based agricultural cooperation between G20 States into practice. So since 2012 MACS-G20 launched several concrete activities providing a basis for desired progress in the future.

Current Meeting

G20 Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) chaired by Brazil as G20 President on 2024.

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