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Brasil 2024

About G20 under the presidency of Brazil

Until November 30, 2024, Brazil holds the presidency of the G20, a group that brings together the world's largest economies - 19 countries, plus the African Union and the European Union.
Throughout this period, Brazil will be responsible for coordinating the G20 and organizing technical meetings, ministerial conferences and the next summit of heads of State, which will happen on November 18 and 19, 2024, in Rio de Janeiro.
In the E-book ( you can find information on what the G20 is, its background, member countries, how it works, how the Finance and Sherpas Tracks are structured, the G20 Social and the responsibilities and priorities of the Brazilian presidency, based on the slogan "building a more just world and a sustainable planet".



About MACS

The work of MACS-G20 is based on annual meetings hosted by the G20 state which respectively holds G20 presidency. Participants inform each other about existing agricultural research systems in their country resp. organization (infrastructures, capacities, programs, funding formats, etc.), about ongoing activities and scheduled future developments.
Formal MACS members are the ministries or governmental bodies responsible for agricultural research in the respective G20 states as well as leading research institutions which strategically advise these decision makers. MACS members are in the position to make decisions and to adopt MACS communiqués, MACS guests participate in advisory capacity.
With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the G20-MACS meeting in 2024 is being organized by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), and will take place in May, 15 – 17, in the capital city of Brasilia, Brazil.
All G20 Member countries are invited to participate and for 2024, Brazil has also invited Angola, Egypt, Arab Emirates, Spain, Nigeria, Portugal and Singapure. All are welcome to participate. Organizations that contribute for the development of sustainable agriculture are also invited.

About Brasilia, Brazil

Learn more about the host city Brasília.



Venue of the meeting

SERPRO  - SGAN Quadra 601 Módulo "V", Brasília-DF,  CEP: 70836-900

About Embrapa

Established in 1973, under the aegis of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA), the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) is an innovation-driven institution that focuses on the generation of knowledge and technology for Brazilian agriculture. In 50 years the institution has made a sound contribution to society and bellow you can find some relevant information. Please direct your camera to the QR-codes or click the button below and learn more.


Visa requirement

The visa is the document granted by Consular Representations of Brazil abroad that allows the expectation of admission and stay of foreigners in the national territory, provided that the conditions established by law have been met. To apply for a visa, foreigners must submit the visa application form duly completed, a valid travel document, proof of payment of consular fees, International Certificate of Immunization - when necessary --, and other specific documents for the type of visa requested. More information can be obtained at:

Visas - General Requirements

Brazil Visa & Entry Requirements

More information will be made available soon.
Focal point for contact:

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